The Japanese culture undoubtedly has had a huge influence on interior design. Simple lines, minimalist style and numerous numerous references to nature are the essence of style from the Land of the Rising Sun. Would you like to add a pinch of Far East flavour to your home? It’s easy! Thanks to PIXERS‚ wall murals you can do it in a fast, easy and affordable way!

We’ve chosen for you eight different interiors, where wall murals representing different aspects of Japanese culture play the main role. See for yourself how versatile they are! We hope that our selection will inspire you to make your own experiments with Japan inspired interior design.

The Land of the Rising Sun

The Chinese called Japan this way in order to refer to its location on the East. This wall mural maintained in subdued colors will be a subtle and yet eye-catching decoration.

The Land of Rising Sun - wall mural

Japanese Landscape

A wall mural with such an interesting combination of colors will be a great addition to any bedroom.

Japanese Jandscape - wall mural


In our list couldn’t miss a wall mural of the most popular Japanese dish. In this interior, the lack of apetite wouldn’t be a problem!

Sushi - wall mural

Japanese Cuisine

This beautiful three-part wall mural that refers to the Japanese culinary art will be an excellent decoration of any kitchen or dining room.

Japanese Food - wall mural

The Land Of The Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom is another symbol associated with Japan. The first of presented wall murals will be a perfect fit to vintage style interiors while the second one, will add a pinch of romance to any bedroom of living room.

Cherry Blossom Tree - wall mural

Cherry Blossom Trees and Mountains - wall mural


We presented the highest mountain in Japan in the most typical approach – with the peak covered in snow. It looks great!

Fuji - wall mural

Kanji Symbol of Health

This symbol is both a very stylish decoration and a wonderful talisman. Would you like to try it?

Health Japanese Symbol - wall mural

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