Cloud-themed wall murals and posters have inspired us for a long time. It is not suprising, the clouds are a very grateful motif, although, it’s still underutilized in interior design. We’re pleased that we can encourage you to take a closer look at this theme. It’s really worth it!

Cloud-inspired wall murals and posters

  • add lightness to any interior,
  • enlarge the space visually,
  • improve your mood and give you a boost of energy,
  • stimulate your creativity and imagination,
  • make the interior looks cosier,
  • are a great backdrop for other decorations,
  • will charm every guest!

Take a look at the following decorations that represent different trends in decorating walls with wall murals and posters. Which one you like the most?

1) The illusion of real sky

Simple but impressive wall mural that works best on ceilings and in rooms with lots of mirrors.

clouds on the sky - wall mural

Clouds - wall mural

2) Play with lines

It’s another interesting way to interpret the cloud theme. This time we’ve decided to move away from a faithful representation of clouds and reach our for drawings. The first wall mural refers to the themes related to the culture of the Far East, the second one, brings to mind illustrations from 50′s of last century.

Japan inspired clouds - wall mural

Clouds and baloon - wall mural

3) Retro style

Aging furniture and other decorations is still a very strong and popular trend, and it also appears on wall murals. It’s a great addition for interiors where modernity enter into a dialogue with tradition.

Vintage Clouds - wall mural

Retro Clouds - wall mural

4) Window on the world

Clouds that look inside the window are a lovely motif that seems to be pulled straight out of some fairy tale. Meanwhile, mentioned images work suprisingly well both in a retro and plain interiors.

Clouds - poster

Clouds - poster

5) Clouds in a kid’s room

Clouds in kid’s rooms are represented here by a wall mural from “Adventures of a Rabbit” collection. It’s worth to remember that clouds are the perfect theme for kid’s rooms because they stimulate kid’s imagination.

Kids room - wall mural

Kids room - wall mural

6) Daily dose od sunshine

Although the weather outside is not always great, thanks to carefully selected posters, you can enjoy the sun 365 days a year. Clouds and sun, are a perfect duet, which you should take into account while selecting home decorations.

Clouds - posters

Clouds - canvas

7) Anything could happen

There are views that give us energy throughout the day and make us feel invincible. That’s exactly how we feel looking at the following mural.

Clouds - wall mural

What do you think about our selection of cloud-themed wall murals and posters? We look forward to your comments!