Today we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and we feel prompted to re-examine one of the hottest colors of this year – green. We’ve already written about it on several occasions, including the post about grass as the next big thing in the office interior design, and today we return to it once again, this time with our subjective list of 10 the greenest and the most inspiring interior designs that PIXERS has created so far. Just take a look!

1) Clover themed kitchen

Our tribute to the Irish and undeniable proof that green goes perfectly with white.

Clover - wall mural

2) Inspiring meeting room

Green not only soothes, but also inspires, therefore it’s perfect for decorating the office spaces.

Green office wall mural

3) Bring grass from the garden to your home!

Grass themed decorations are one of the hottest trends of this year. Check out HERE why!

Grass - wall mural

4) Bamboo accent

How about a kitchen with a passage to another world? Maybe to a bamboo forest?

Bamboo - wall mural

5) …. or a bamboo dominance

Bamboo is a so charming theme, that you can go ahead and make it a dominant element of your bedroom’s decoration.

Bamboo - wall mural

6) Kid’s room in eco style

Forest on the wall will be the perfect backdrop for the amazing adventures and magical stories.

Forest - wall mural

7) Green round the clock

A wall mural of thousands of little green circles will be an interesting addition to the 60s inspired interiors.

Green Circles - wall mural

8) Go green!

The walls in vibrant colors may be distracting. A lush green is one of the few exceptions.

Green wall mural

9) Green has many names

Three perfectly fitting shades of green make up an interesting and very eye-catching decoration.

3 shades of green - wall mural

10) Doors to nowhere

These doors, although they look very real, are in fact a wall mural. You’ll find HERE more designs from the „Doors On The Wall” project.

Green door - wall mural

If you like our selection, don’t forget to tell us about it!