Although wall murals and stickers are great decorations by themselves, sometimes some of them reveal their full potential in combination with another decoration or funiture. These items gain another dimension thanks to our imagination.

Just have a look at how creatively you can use the stickers and wall murals form the PIXERS catalogue. With a little bit of desire, you can create in your home similar or even better arrangements!

This giraffe-shaped wall sticker makes an electryfuing impression when combinated with high potted plant. We’re sure it will make you and your guests smile from ear to ear.

Giraffe Wall Sticker

Crain-shaped wall sticker is a quite unusual decoration which gains a lot thanks to the cleverly mounted print.

Crane Wall Sticker Buy at PIXERS

It’s hard to imagine a better place to put this stickers than an empty wall over the sink. This decoration will add character to any starkly decorated bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Stickers Buy at PIXERS

Instead of hiding the cables, use its decorative potential! For example, by making them an integral part of the poster.

Lamp Poster Buy at PIXERS

A glance is enough to know that in this room, the music rules. Remember that wall murals are a great way to decorate the walls at an angle.

Music Notes Wall Mural Buy at PIXERS

Even home climbing wall can be a great decoration. You’ll only need the right sticker.

Sketch Wall Decal Buy at PIXERS

We’ve already showed you the wall stickers from the collection „Ghost Furniture„, but we have to go back to them, because they are a great example of how the stickers can harmonize bautifully with the interior.

Victorian Inspired Wall Stickers Buy at PIXERS

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