Do you know what connects the offices of Google, Skype and BBC, besides dangerously high levels of creativity? Each of them have at least one room decorated with grass.

Grass, as a symbol of harmony and development, works great in office spaces. The green color relaxes your eyes, refreshes your mind and inspires. No matter whether you work in a corporation, or independently at home office, it has a positive effect on your productivity and stimulates brain cells. Moreover, it adds energy and clears the mind marvelously. Green is the color that you should definitely have in mind while decorating the work space.

Until now, the grass has been found most often on the floor as a rug or carpet. We offer different kind of pleasure for the eyes – lucious green grassy wall murals and stickers. The grass on the wall looks great both as an additional decoration or background, for example for furniture, and as the dominant design element. Grass themed wall murals and decals blend well with most colors, but their qualities can be appreciated best on brightly painted walls.

Take a look at our inspiration gallery and let us know if your office will need a grassy refresh.

Grass wall mural for home office Source: PIXERS

Grass wall mural for office Source: PIXERS

Grass - Skype office  Source: Office Pictures

Grass - Google office  Source: Flickr – aaronchu.shoplet

Grass - BBC office  Source: BestHomeDecorators

grass for office  Source: BestHomeDecorators

Grass floor at office  Source: Office Snapshots

Grass at office  Source: Office Snapshots

Need more grass inspiration?

grass wall sticker Source: PIXERS

grass wall mural Source: PIXERS