The Olympic Games have come to an end but it doesn’t mean that we have to say goodbye to London. On the contrary, London, one one the most visited city of the world, is still on top, both as a travel destination and desirable decorative element of our houses. To sweeten your goodbye with daily broadcasts from the capital of the UK, we’ve prepared a set of 8 wall murals, canvas and decals that will allow you to feel this land of enchanting drizzle, charming double-decker buses and monumental Big Ben without even leaving the home! Are you ready?

Although we associate The Beatles mainly with Liverpool, the spirit of the famous band is also present in London and in our wall mural designed in the style well-known from “Yellow Submarine”

You can fall in love with our next proposition as much as with London. If you’re looking for a subtle canvas that will make a lasting impression, this is our candidate.

This wall mural, tastefully decorated in the trendy tones, will be a great adornment to the room of every lover of London. Due to the conspicuous pattern, we recommend its use in large rooms, which will bring out all of its charm.

In our small collection, we also couldn’t miss the classic sticker which could easily be the best-selling postcard. Big Ben? Checked! A double-decker bus? Checked! A red phone booth? Checked! London in all its glory :) Our proposition will be a great door sticker.

London delight at night as muuch as during the day. Also in our painting, that appropriately highlighted will be breathtaking.

Our attention was also caught by a wall mural that presents one of Banksy’s famous London graffitis. If you’re fan of street art, you’ll love it too!

This painting of London shield is our recommendation to all history lovers. It’ll look great in interiors decorated in modern and industrial style.

You can’t decide between the British flag and London’s symbols? We have the ideal solution for you – a wall mural that combines both in a very impressive way.

What do you think about our propositions? Would you like to have in your home? There is a very simple way to get them :)

Take a look at two of our favourite interior designs. They look great, right?