Mad Men is an extraordinary tv show. You won’t find there any sudden plot twists, its story goes slowly and no episode ends with a breathtaking cliffhanger. Nevertheless, since 2005, it constantly hypnotizes the audience and awakes the critics’ admiration. What is its secret and what make us watch each episode with our breath bated? An incredible ensemble cast (mesmerising Don, seductive Joan, annoying Pete or hard not to like Roger are just a few examples) is for sure one of the most important reasons. The rest of them are, among others, an unusual taste and precision in showing the mood of the 1960’s America (to portray it authentically, creators didn’t hesitate to spend $250k for The Beatles song) and the excellent results of interior and costumer designers’ work.

Exactly, “Mad Men” is not only one of the best series of the time, but also a source of an endless inspiration. Who among us hasn’t dreamed of Joan’s dresses or thought of how tastefully decorated is Betty’s apartment or Don’s office? The first group prayers were answered a year ago, when Banana Republic launched Mad Men-inspired clothing line. Today, we will try to meet the requests of the other ones, those who would like to feel the spirit of the show also in their homes and offices.

7 tips to give the Mad Men look to your home & office

Picture that captures the imagination.

Contrary to appearances, working at an ad agency is sometimes something more than lunches and drinks. From time to time, you have to focus in order to come up with a worthy successor of “Lucky Strike. It’s toasted.” And what can help you find inspiration better than staring at the colored spots? :) Our prins has a slightly different color scheme, but we assure that will work just as well. It’s an obligatory decoration for any office!

Truly still life

Close contact with nature is essential, but if by chance you don’t have a large garden or live near the Central Park, you can try to deceive your senses with a wall decal imitating a tree… or just a branch. We went one step further and chose a colored sticker with a cage and birds that will be the object of envy of every modern housewife.

Hypnotic dots

You need to talk to your demanding client or convince your children that buying a new Bieber’s album is a bad idea? Use Roger’s trick! Don’t bother to invent reasonable arguments and just hypnotize them with this futuristic cross between a zebra and a ladybug. Roger took the risk and from two seasons they pay him mostly for drinking whisky.

Asian Motifs

We love Bertram Cooper not only because he reminds us KFC’s Coronel Sanders and totally rocks with his non-mainstream bow-ties and barefoot walking, but above all, because he constantly prove us that Japanese culture is a great source for interior design ideas. A wall covered with pale wood, a folding screen with an asian motive, a soft carpet on the floor. No wonder that he so rarely comes out of his office – in such conditions he can feel there at home! Our suggestions is a wall mural that imitates wood (an ecological solution to the bark beetle problem) and a sticker with a bonsai tree, that will bring to any interior a touch of the Far East.

Classy Zebra

This black and white stripe pattern is not easy to match with it, but if you combine it with a simple interior, it will be making an electrifying impression. Want to experience by yourself its magical features? Follow in the footsteps of Don and see how easy it will be to make a woman fall in love with you using even such a bad text like “What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons”

Daring checkered pattern

A powerful woman needs an appropriate setting. And what’s better than unobvious and always fashonable tartan on the kitchen walls? Undecided women can be convinced by its slimming properties. Have you noticed that Betty started to gain weight immediately after she move out?

Flowers not only in a vase

No worries! We don’t want to convince you to put a meadow on the wall, but only encourage to decorate your wardrobe with, for example, such a sweet sticker. They say that a pretty girl looks nice even in a sack of potatoes, but having so lovely pattern as a background you’ll always look even better that Betty and Joan together :)

Do you have any other ideas? Share them!