The photographs sent by our customers haven’t appeared on the blog for a long time. But we still remember that they have great ideas very often.

Look at this children’s room in the house of Mrs. Marta. First of all, a great quality of a photo. Secondly, beautiful, peaceful and relaxing colours. Thirdly, funny animal accents in the form of pillows and stickers made by PIXERS are perfectly matched to the interior. We congratulate the children that their parents are so imaginative.

With a clear conscience we also chose a living room of Mrs. Kamila. She decided to decorate it by a spectacular view of the monumental, modern city. This creation requires courage and is very unusual for this part of the apartment. But it looks brilliant. I gladly love to see other rooms.

And at the end the arrangement of Mr. Krzysztof Krakus. Thanks to him our product appered on the hair salon. Although a few things we would find fault (lack of leadership thought of a project, too much colours) punk rock boy won the hearts of the whole PIXERS team and deserves the award. Because the idea is fantastic. It requires only a small fine-tuning.