I want you to meet Marzena Kosobudzka. I guess that you still haven’t heard about Her because it is only slightly more than 150 “likes” on Facebook. But I hope that number of her fans will significantly increase after the publication of this article. Particularly among women. Of all Kosobudzka’s works I have chosen those which ladies should especially appeal to.

Kosobudzka creates her own world using the one that is around. She absorbs the information, advertisements, newspapers and magazines. She locates slogans. Words amuse her. She cuts them, glues, paints and pushes. This the way in which her collages are made. Let me present them. I would like to show how interesting and different ways you can find to show the specificity of women, their behavior and desire. And how brilliantly life and death of great Violetta Villas could have been commented. I’m also adding some extra shoes.