Last year was a quite intense time in the history of PIXERS. Not only because it was the fifth year of the company’s existence, but also due to an extraordinary development that we experienced during this time, and many groundbreaking events in the office life. Let us present to you then a short summary of the last year.

10 Things we Did in 2015

Here are the 10 things we manager to do in 2015:

We Moved to a New Office

From May 2015 we occupy a spacious office located in charming surroundings of the Piasek Island in Wrocław. We discovered that we are much more efficient while working in the close neighbourhood of nature – it seems even closer when we step outside, to a vast terrace that opens up to the landscape with big glass doors. Everything in the new office is huge and beautiful – it isn’t megalomaniac, though. We wrote about the advantages of working in such an environment in several places, such as Medium and E-Biurowce.

New PIXERS Office

We Made a Movie with Google

PIXERS is one of the many global companies that make use of the Google’s e-commerce marketing tool, AdWords. We feel honoured that Google decided to present PIXERS on their website as an example of a fast-growing global business. The effects of our collaboration you can see here.

PIXERS – movie for Google

We Celebrated the Fifth Anniversary

The 2015 was also the moment of a very special anniversary, the fifth birthday of PIXERS – we celebrated reverently, and we summarized these five years with this infographic.

Infographic – 5 years of PIXERS

We Created „PIXERS: The Game”

PIXERS: The Game is practically the guys’ from the IT department work. The game was created during the second hackathon in the PIXERS’ history. During this programmers’ marathon everything can happen…
Hackathon in PIXERS

We Initiated the Speaker’s Corner Meetings

In 2015, in the new office, we finally had enough space to take advantage of and to be able to meet from time to time in a larger group to talk on topic that fascinates us privately. We began to develop the Speaker’s Corner meetings – the special time on Fridays dedicated to share our hobbies, interests and passions. We met seven Times already and we discussed Zen practices, Demoscene, civic budget and web security, among others.

Speaker's Corner PIXERS

We Got Away on an Integration Trip

In May we went on a team-building trip to a small village by the Sławskie Lake. Because of the fast growing process, new employees are constantly appearing in the office. Such a trip was then a great way to a fast integration. More about the carziness of this weekend you can read here.

Integration Trip PIXERS

We Took Part in the Project Internet Revolutions

Together with Chocolissimo and Oponeo, PIXERS was among three Polish companies offering their experience on a Polish Google platform, named Internet Revolutions. It is an educational platform addressed to young managers and business owners. The program is based on a personalized model, which gives everyone an opportunity to create their own learning plan and choose the areas in which they want to grow. Instructional videos present selected issues concerning the use of the Internet for business purposes. Our representative is Maciej Ziemczonek. Take a look!

Internet Revolutions PIXERS

We Discovered the Holacracy

Holacracy is a business management model that became popular thanks to Zappos, and which was invented in the early 2000s by an American entrepreneur, Brian J. Robertson. In PIXERS we decided on a form of holacracy where the authority of the boss is still relevant, but where all employees can share their ideas on the company’s development. We also wrote an article about this discovery.

Holacracy PIXERS

We Were on an Saatchi Art Fair in London

We have been collaborating with the Art Twenty One Gallery and Lagos Photo Festival from some time. In 2015 we were invited to cooperate with an African artist, Namsa Leuba – we produced her photographies that were presented during the START Art Fair in Saatchi Gallery, London.

Namsa Leuba

We PIXERSized Some Cool Places

In 2015 we strongly developed the PIXERStudio service – an offer dedicated to commercial clients that look for unique solutions for personalized interiors. We present to you some of the PIXERSized interiors below and we hope to be able to prepare other fascinating projects next year too!

We step into new year full of positive energy, and you?