The spring has come and gone. The weather last days was not perfect and it seems winter doesn’t want to say goodbye and we are going to have white Easter! But we have already given a warm welcome to spring, so we believe it’s going to come back any day now and with a double impact.

First Day of Spring PIXERS office

We are checking the area of the new office.

Spring is a good time for changes. We’ve already written about spring metamorphosis in the interiors. Do you plan to use any of our ideas? We’re going to share a small secret with you – some metamorphosis in PIXERS’ interiors are coming too:) We’re going to move to a new location soon! Therefore, last week we decided not only to greet the spring but also our new location – guess where we are going to move soon!

First Day of Spring PIXERS office

More and more people are coming

First Day of Spring PIXERS office

Spring smiles on faces of the PIXERS’ employees

As a place of our first spring retreat we chose the green lawn just next to the new office. The location passed the first exam – the area is perfect for an outdoor relax just after work or for a lunch break in the nature. Such peculiar features of the place as the proximity of the river and green areas is a promise of a good place to clear your mind after work. Furthermore, the presence of one of the Wroclaw’s most party island at hand seems be a dream-come-true for the fun part of our staff! Now, do you already know where our new PIXERSized office is located?

First Day of Spring PIXERS  office

We like taking pictures and catching some rays at the same time!